Wednesday, 27 April 2011


HELLO! ((: 
hahaha! in case you all dint know, i kinda 'join' the contest for Ashincans Double Giveaway(: 
hahahah! as in its so easy to join right. 
just write your email and the giveaways are really appealing(:
i believe some of you did receive my msg on fb asking your to help me LIKE right?(:
thx a million if you did help!
you guys are really helpful!((: 
but sadly! i still dint win)): HAHAHA but its ok! 
at least its fun! ^^

OK actually the main reason why i join this was to test out whether of not GreekToMe should have a giveaway as well (: 
of cos if really won it would still be better la 
but well.... since i dint win maybe we shldnt.... HAHAHAH
OK JOKING -_____- 
oh just wanna say y i dint say this earlier is cos i don wan you guys to help me like it 
just because you all wans a giveaway from GreekToMe also
it will be kinda.. unfair ahhaha((: 

so I've decided that GreekToMe WILL BE having a GIVEAWAY SOON^^ 
just that im still deciding between doing it on GreekToMe's page or At shopping go where^^
i will update you guys again! 
of cos, Greekers will get the first hand updates! hohoho!

let me know where you all prefer the giveaway to be held alright! ((: 

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