Tuesday, 24 May 2011

be who you are. for thats when you are truly alive

Hello everyone! 
k so here are the remaining photos from previously(: 
hahah! we were at kallang park if you wanna know ^^ 
i honestly cant wait for Os to be over SRSLY
its only prelim 1 and i felt like dying alr 
hahah. okok. too early for that 

and for some of you who asked about the yellow polka shirt im wearing on my selling blog right!
don worry ok! 
its brandnew! which means its not the one im wearing here! 
erm. i got 2 for some reason.
don ask me yyyyy. fking lazy to explain. haha! 
don worry ah! i wont scam you ah!  

hehheh so here you go!

tried out some editing on the web ^^ its kinda fail
anw i got back my higher chinese prelim results today. 
it was really demoralizing la srsly 
my chinese USED TO BE good. 
like my chinese used can get As one. 
but now its lik? B4-_______- 
arghh gonna do something about it >:( 
anyone wants to tutor me chinese? ahahah! 
k wait till i get back more results. 
maybe i need more tutor. LOLLOL >< 

BTW! if you are reading this for some reason lol. 
Do check out my prelove selling blog  here k! 
ive been spending wayyyyy tooooo much and my wardrobe is wayyyy toooo smallll 
so i gotta clear some of my clothes ): 
not that i have alot of clothes. I DONT 
i just have a wardrobe honestly fking small la.

thats all for now! 
im a happy girl today!(except for the result part)

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