Monday, 30 May 2011


Hi everyone! ^^
so i finally got myself a decent phone i suppose! 
all these time my friends had been asking me:
"when the fuck are u gonna get twitter" 
as if im living in stone cave age just because of twitter Lol 
anw! now that ive got a nice and good(i hope) phone 
ive decided to start using twitter and stop living in my own bubble -_____-  
LOL! Here it goes!

FOLLOW? ((: 

another thing is, ive had my number changed as well! 
please do not contact 82654131 anymore! 
don wish to handle orders by hp anymore so i wont be revealing my number to my buyers :/ 
please do understand! 
any enquiries just go to 
or email me at alright??
thx lovelies! 

And ive decided to start using blogLovin' as well! 
its more of for me to follow other blogs 
but if for some reasons you wan/feel like 
you can follow me toooooooo 
that will be most welcome!!^^ 

ok thats all for nowwwww! 
Bye all! ^^ 

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