Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Out of the Mess

Chillax day! 
found a really nice place to just camp at and relax ytr(: 
really wat i needed. to stop thinking of all the mess up stuff
had a really great time with Wenqi and Yunjie! Thanks alot! 
and heres the pics!
if you know me,

REDGIRL zzz WTF. one mouth-_______- n it was fucking diluted 

Really love ya girls.
just some light hearted chats and more of a crazy act time. 
Enjoyed myself ttm(: 
Don you love silent empty corners you can chill out with your friend? 

to think of it, its really nothing much. 
But i really Dono wat to do. 
Its all so simple, sometimes i dont even know what am i worried about
lol. perhaps its just me being insecure and all.
It just makes me think back what have i been doing this 4 yrs.
If i had known that things is gonna be so difficult, 
i might have put in more effort. and i wont be regretting and feeling lik a failure right now. 
why do i wan to try when i know the chances are almost 0%? 
i need to think properly. 
i need to stop regretting and feeling all sad over the same freaking matter

Someone tell me what to do? 
i will appreciate any sort of advice now :/ 


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