Monday, 27 June 2011

Am I who I am, or who Im trying to be?

Its time to update again! 
welcome to my boring life ^^ 

Last day of the June School holidays.
Half of the day was spend at a wedding Lunch of a relative that i had no idea of until the day before
i was so annoyed the whole day because of the stupid wedding lunch ok.
its like. all the time before that i was planning on having a good day spend outside with my couz
shopping, relaxing all and all. 
to spend the last day having fun
and just because of this stupid wedding im forced to attend 
all plans is spoiled >:( 
Spend it with Jiayu at her house
even then i was having a bad mood
dint really enjoy )): how sad.
i blame it on the wedding. 
of cos, theres another reason as well. i dislike that family. eww 

June Holidays is over
and im asking myself. what have i been doing these days??!! 
its about time i wake up i keep telling myself.
but the procrastination doesnt stop
this cant go on. pls. 

when things are bad, when your upset, everything seems to pissed you off. 
and every little things in you that upsets you comes crashing down 
ive been getting this alot these days. 
i dono whats wrong with me sometimes.
why am i annoyed? why am i sad?
honestly i have no idea. 
in fact i don even know izit i dono the reason or izit that there is way too many reason.
ohoh! and i think people are getting really weird. and its really scary at times :/ 

sometimes, i feel that a stranger cares more than a friend.. 
lol. how strange this is. 
thinking about it, i can say not even my closest friend, best friend know everything about me. lol
tons of things, just because i dono how to share, i try to deceive even myself? 
as in its not their fault. its just me who is unable to open up
maybe im afraid .. i dono
its just...not right..
lol. who knows. maybe one day ill be able to.. 
thats when ill learn to be true to myself.  (: 

Do you feel what i feel as you look at these picture? 
probably not if your some skinny and pretty girls out there! lol! 

This is so true, but how many can really do it? 

if you actually read till here 
i would say WOW. lol. 
being naggy and whiney yet again. i hate this part of myself.


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