Thursday, 21 July 2011

Its a weird day

i still cant believe what happen today
had a shock of my life. lol. 
you see, Racial Harmony celebration in school today
Since its the last year in Cedar i thought ok i should participate
so i woke up early wanna go sch early and
enthu enthu wear the costume also right lol
BUT WTF. i fell aslp on the bus on the way to school and fucking got lost??!! 
den when i woke up i was like 'the fuck??! where am i?'
ive always been kind of a direction idiot. 
i got down the bus and asked an uncle how can i get back to my school and asked where to take 66 back
the fuck x 100000000000000000000?!!
means i took the wrong bus from the start??? 

but the uncle damn nice he told me how to go back
i was panicking lik dono wat la.
thx lee for comforting and trying to help me. omg
omg cant believe how dumb i can get 

taxi uncle also damn nice, know im gonna be late so he drove faster.
thank god 

dint participate in the event in the end. 
so sad): 

i got to school and was damn sick. 
i was literally crying for no reason in class
as in the tears just kept flowing and i cant do anything-.- 
look fucking pathetic today. 
classmates was lik 'so poor thing'  
WTF. lol. 
so my father came to fetch me in school today

got home and my grandma treated me like a baby
reminded me of when i was a small child
ok i actually had the blissful feeling today <3 
Thx everyone who cared (: 

telling myself its a small matter. 
doesnt mean anything
but i cant help but to feel happy
dint expect to see your name again

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