Thursday, 7 July 2011

wake up. Its about time

Wake up ah Felina
Thats what one of my friend told me.
No idea how to describe the feeling when i got this
But ive nv felt any word that had cause such powerful feelings in me
Thank you really

Yes its about time i wake up.
Told myself that
N yes this is about Os
Everyone wants to do well for this examination. Me included.
But many a times we are not able to give up our pleasure for it even if we know the importance
And what later? Regret.
No i don want that. Pls

Os is round the corner.
Considering the 4 years we actually had been 'preparing'
Its time to really work hard and get the desired result everyone yearns
Wake up really

Not just me. Everyone having any major exams (:
This may sound tooo serious for just O levels maybe
But this is me
I really don wanna regret agaon.
I don wan to disappoint anyone anymore

4 years of secondary life just because of this examination

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