Sunday, 7 August 2011

Theres this perfection that I can never reach

Its painful looking at them
maybe someday ill get really sick of being the ugly and fat me 
and have the determination to change for the better
but whatsoever 
i still cant be perfect like this 

JC Litas, beautiful aren't they 

Credits: solestruck / brownplatform

Just a random post again
Life hasnt been great at all
My world is revolving ard this Exam called the GCE O levels 
and it sucks really 

im sorry, its my fault 
i was foolish to think that i might have cross your mind at some point of time
its my fault for harboring such hopes
im tired of hoping 
so im giving up 
no more of these crap i promise 
im sorry 

im afraid of giving false hope to people
so please. im not worth it 
im sorry .

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