Friday, 2 September 2011


slacking and drinking with wenqi n yunjie on mon 
i kinda drank only the first cup and i got myself all red again ): 

lol. damn the redness
honestly cant drink la >< 
puked like crazy after a few cups 
damn malu 
thank god for WQ and YJ for 'taking care' of me
oml. ps ttm




things are getting better lately 
not thinking that much about some stuff alr. 
but that doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist anymore 
just not wasting that much energy thinking.

some things going on at home, however, are getting me crazy 
really wish that ive got a friend that i can tell everything too 
but i guess i dont. 
really dono what to do about these stuff
whatever it is

Oh! and i find it really funny how 
ppl im not talking about things that im talking about them 
and ppl im talking about doesnt know im talking bout them. 
just as well though.
assume somemore. 

honestly. if there's nth to talk about
i rather not to talk. 
as in. repeating the same routine everyday.
if u aren't bored. i am. 
and i don even know how to tell u that... 


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