Saturday, 10 September 2011

do it while u can, say it before u regret




tooth aching >:(

met up with Jiayu on mon for some catching up and of course some SHOPPING 
it feels really great to shop with this girl again 
probably the best shopping partner i have <3
went to the usual places ard town and shopped ard F21, newlook and all 
dint go to H&M cos we dint really feel like queuing + everyone has the same thing ): 
spent quite alot that day considering that i told myself i must not spend so much againnnn
but im really happy with my buys though! <3 
love them! (thats y i love shopping with her u see ^^)
shopping can be so exhausting oml. i could hardly stand after walking so much. hahah
dinner at some hongkong cafe at fareast 
decided on this place cos 
"i need to lean" (my back was breaking)
the food was alright i guess 

my tooth started hurting real bad from mon ): 
if you had been following me on twitter you would have seen how much ive been whining ): 
its not like i wan it damn. it hurts like hell )):
spamming panadol all day cos theres nth else i can do abt it >:( 

Alright. Thats all for now! 
Nights everyone! <3


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