Saturday, 5 November 2011

not that i want it to be this way

time for some ranting
hasnt been blogging or handling GTM for some time due to my on-going O levels examination 
been mugging like a cow for the past few weeks.  
the killer weeks is finally over 
but it also got me really scared.
i think im going to disappoint many 
and i honestly hate it

the week started and nothing went right 
sometimes i feel like i am drowning in expectations. 
so what if im in the supposedly elite class in my school
it doesnt count when im the dumb one inside.
like hello? i got into this class based on my sec 2 results? 
that doesnt even count. 

so.. everyone expected 8A1s or at least a 6.0 L1R5 from me.
n im just like hello? you got to be kidding eh?  
i can only say you should be glad if i managed to even get a 12 or sth after this week

i really hate how one examination is going to decide the route that you take
no matter how awesome you did in your school examinations, 
you screw the Os and your screwed. 
raffles? hwa chong? victoria? 
those are just dreams. 
and dreams are not real.

i figured that sheer hard work will never be enough to compensate for the lack of  intelligence 
you just don reap what you sow

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