Wednesday, 25 January 2012

random thoughts

its usually this time of the day that random thoughts started filling up your mind
what would you do if you werent afraid? 
i ask myself that often 
so complicated 
so many things and people implicated in this mind web 
its like. sometimes i feel that my heart is incapable of any feelings but fear. 
so guarded against every single thing. 
so afraid of making the wrong choice 
doubting every single thing every single word 
doubting myself 24/7 
doubting myself more than anyone will believe 
more cowardly than what any of you would have guessed.
so tiring  
i wonder how things will be like if i werent that afraid

they say the best way to protect yourself is to trust no one but yourself
but what if you do not have faith in anything anyone. including yourself
what do you do? 

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