Wednesday, 4 April 2012

To get better

feeling horrible 
barely 3 months and its the 3rd time im sick since school started 
the feeling of being unable to do anything productive sucks 
cant go to sch and missing lessons made me damn frustrated 
i still go for ball training
but its sucks not being able run after trg with the team
sighh really hope i can recover completely soon 
hate how weak im becoming 

staying in the boarding school with the team now <3
will be here all the way until season ends 
i like it here anw 
being able to be with the team all the time 
studying together and eating together 
good bonding time for sure <3 
but our life is like a routine now 
wake up breakfast school training bath dinner study session sleep 
and the cycle repeats
we don even get out of the campus anymore loll how sadd

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