Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chasing after nothing real

"How do you look at the person you love, and tell yourself its time to walk away?"
-The vow 

if it hurts just watching 2 person loving each other go separate ways, 
how much would it hurt when it happens to you? 
such a perfect match, what a lovely couple-to-be
' whats the point, he's not the man im gonna marry' that's her point
many may not get her 
how she break away from someone she's so attached to 
but i guess i understand 
'i don want to get together just for the thrill' that's what she told me
and yes i agree 

Giving in to this attachment they say we all need 
falling deeper into the mess with each second 
but you panic when you get too close
the fear of commitment gets to you
you decide its time to say goodbye
you leave those words and drift away.  
what are we chasing after? 
the thrill? of what? scarring the life of others? 
sometimes you just don see the point of getting attached
when you anticipated a break up  

landing in this grey line that shouldn't even exist 
we are nothing together 
we are so like them but less attached. 
even they, much closer den us, break so easily
who are we to say we can withstand?
im so afraid we might end up there 

chasing after thin air
i know that all these ends up being pointless 
so what am i doing? who am i? 
wrecking havoc in people's life just like that 
I want to stop but i don know how 
afraid of hurting people hurting myself 

i'd give anything and everything i had to put my life back on track again

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