Wednesday, 15 August 2012

We will never be as young as we are tonight

2 weeks back (: 
Went out with Cedric for sort of a belated birthday celebration 
was deciding what to eat that afternoon when we came across Raindrop cafe from ladyironchef  decided to go have a look and try out the food there since we are going to cineleisure that day anw 

Raindrop cafe is on the right of Scape's entrance and right infront of GongCha if i dint remember wrongly
To be honest, i thought Raindrop cafe would be reasonably spacious just like most of the other cafes 
i was quite surprise to see that it is so small and all 
quite disappointed at first because we were expecting otherwise but i find it cute at the same time 
mixed feelings but we eventually decided to have our lunch there as planned 

BBQ chicken pizza (: 

salmon steak (: 

ice swiss chocolate <3

i actually love the food there quite alot and its actually really quite a nice place to chill at 
i really wont mind sitting there talking to my friends over a cup of chocolate or coffee and just relax
such a pity we were rushing for movie that day ): 

saw the stall we bought our cute dustcap from and notice the new additions 
so tempted to buyyy 

outfits of the day(:

finally caught Dark Night Rises after such a long time
i remember how i was whining that "i dont want to continue watching" halfway through the movie cause it was too 'devastating' hahah
but i continued anyway and im glad i did (: 

last stop for the day 
dint get to see alot and enjoy the scenery cause we went at night hahah
but we managed to catch the night light show and its soooo pretty 

fulfilling and definitely an enjoyable simple day for me <3
thats all for now <3

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