Monday, 13 October 2014

Live while we young

Xmas party was a blast with Hwachong Volleyball Team <3
its was truly a jolly night filled with love <3 
thank god for everything 

I cant believe its 2013 already  
spent the last day of 2012 and first day of 2013 on bed with my fever flu cough and sorethroat 
am practically dying from these illness already 
praying hard that ill be well enough tmr to do some of my holiday assignment ): 
time flies and school is starting soon ): not looking forward to it at all 

another thing is that 
i simply cant get over the fact that im turning 18 in 11 days time 
i know that it should feel natural and things will not really change much 
but i have no idea why im feeling so unprepared and everything just feels ... bizarre
and the sad thing about being a january baby is that everyone is probably too busy with the fact that school's starting to notice your birthday ): 
well its a good and bad thing in all,
maybe that would be a good way to 'avoid' growing up


With love,

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